Soul Plan

For as long I can remember, I have always been fascinated with spirit. I clearly knew my soul chose to incarnate into this body at this time in history for a reason.

This is why growing up I never felt ‘disabled’. My physical body is missing a bit, but my soul is complete, whole, all powerful and limitless.

As a little girl, dolls and Princess Dresses did not interest me; I wanted to know about the Planets, astrology, angels, the elemental kingdom and the afterlife.

I have clear memories of lying on my bed, looking up at the ceiling and seeing swirls of energy dancing above and around me.

I could see, feel and sense spirit; there were times when I dismissed everything, trying to shut it all out. At times it felt heavy and overwhelming. I did not know which messages to process first and I couldn’t figure out what it all meant.

I truly believe if it is part of your purpose to work for spirit, the phone will keep on ringing until you answer it.

In 2009, I came across the Dragonfly Centre in Waltham Abbey, which was run by my now friend and extraordinary psychic medium Tracy (TJ) Higgs. I started attending psychic circles; I immediately felt ‘at home’ and dedicated the year to nurturing my gifts.

Workshops / Courses included: Working with your Spirit Guides, Trance and Physical, Willing to Work, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Reiki Level 1 and 2 and How to give 1-2-1 readings.

In 2010, I experienced a dreading feeling someone I love is going to pass away. The feelings would feel so intense; at times it was all I could think about.

Then late November 2010, my brother was diagnosed with Cancer. He had skin cancer five years previously. It was back – this time all over his beautiful body and was terminal.

On 12th January 2011, I had a premonition whilst in dreamtime. I saw a tall man, all dressed in black wearing a long top hat. We were in a garden full of brightly coloured flowers, trees so high they touched the sky. The sky was a magical hue of peaches, pastel blues, cotton candy pinks and soft yellows. My brother passed away the very next day. I am certain I was shown a glimpse of Heaven.

I shut myself off to the spirit world once again, I felt let down, vulnerable, frightened and was grieving hard for my brother.


Two years later August 2013, I noticed a lump on my Dad’s neck. My intuition told me it is my Dad’s time to go.

I have so much to write about, but I am saving that for my book.

We shared some deep, insightful, painful, beautiful, scary and truthful moments.

This opened me up spiritually again and this time for good.

My heart led me to Rebecca Campbell. She is such a goddess! A beautiful, pure, divine spiritual teacher and author full of enchantment and knowing. Her Rise Sister Rise workshop, helped, healed and awakened me in so many ways. Work Your Light was equally precious for my soul.

Dad guided me to Soul Plan. He wanted me to understand him, remember our connection, be healed and to heal / be a service to others.

When I am aligned with my own truth, living authentically, believing and allowing myself to be the powerful channel I am, my gift of claircognizance is strong.

This is how I found Soul Plan and I am so happy I did.

I have always felt Earth is not my home. I feel alien here, like I don’t belong and should be in another galaxy far away.

Through my own Soul Plan, so much became crystal clear – my thoughts, feelings, passion, life challenges, strengths, beauty and abilities were written in the stars.

My Soul Plan indicates an ‘alien soul, a starseed’ – confirmation of my origin gave me comfort.

We all have our own unique purpose in this lifetime; Soul Plan reconnects you, creates healing, awakens, illuminates your path, highlights your natural born talents, empowers and helps to understand your experiences, feelings and struggles. Your destiny is written in your name.

Even before I was conceived, my dad knew he wanted a girl named Kelly – no middle name.

My dad was a larger than life character. Being born a boy in Poplar, East London in 1947 you had to be tough.

He was a special, greatly misunderstood soul, too sensitive for his environment and the Earth itself. My dad became East London’s boxing champion in his teens – that’s what working class boys of the East End did back then. He lived his teen years and early twenties in the Sixties. My dad loved the music, freedom and partying.

Sadly, the party never stopped for my dad. He became addicted to alcohol and the complications of being an addict took his life in December 2013.

My mum and dad split up when I was 2. They were only put together by the universe to give me life. Every fortnight I would stay at my dad’s, one night at his flat and the other at my Nan and granddads. One night at my Grandparents, my dad being drunk caused an argument. They chucked him out and I went with him. I remember putting my coat on over my nightie, it was cold and dark. My dad lived only a 10 minute walk away, near Crisp Street Market but the road seemed to go on forever. My dad was falling and stumbling down the road – I picked him up a few times and remember testing him out to walk straight. I never liked staying at my dad’s place; it was dirty and smelt of Malboro. My granddad phoned my mum and said ‘Alan is walking the streets with Kelly and she is not safe’. My mum phoned Limehouse police station. The police banged hard on my dad’s front door. I didn’t feel scared. I never felt scared. I just wanted my dad to be ok. I wanted to go home to my mum so badly, but when the policeman asked if I wanted to stay with my dad or go home, I choose to stay with my dad. I never knew why until Soul Plan came into my life. Both my dad and I have the same Soul Destiny number (we are from the same Soul Group and both Starseeds); this number appears three times in both our charts. Our connection was deeper than blood, I couldn’t leave my dad – our souls were bound. After analysing my dad’s chart (unfortunately this was after his passing), I felt his discomfort and fight with his earthly life. It allowed me to see into his soul and understand his ways, choices, demons, shadows but also his light, compassion, kindness, sensitivity and beauty.

My dad was to be named John right up until the day my grandparents registered his birth. He did not look anything like a John. If John was his name, his soul plan, his destiny would have been completely different. Maybe I wouldn’t even be here.

This is how magical Soul Plan is. The power of your name is your very essence and vibrates through every cell in your body.

I am available for Soul Plan readings in person, Skype or email, where I will create a bespoke, spirit led and detailed reading – information will be channelled through to me, uniquely for you to keep and reference for a lifetime.

I am available for Soul Transformation Therapy. Incorporating Soul Plan Tarot and Healing interventions.

I am available for Rahanni Celestial Healing. Rahanni means ‘of one heart’ there is no separation we are all from one divine universal life force energy. Rahanni is a fifth dimension healing modality which vibrates on a pink ray of light connecting to the heart centre, releasing all fear based thinking and negativity, opening humanity to their natural essence of truth, love & compassion. Rahanni balances the masculine and feminine energies and brings peace and healing at the highest level. This will involve a non-intrusive placing of my hand on your body; you will receive the treatment fully clothed.

The Rite of the Womb. A lineage of women through the jungle medicine has given us the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb. I was gifted this at Rebecca Campbell’s Rise Sister Rise workshop – if you are a woman and would like this, I offer it free of charge.

Please email me with any questions and for Soul Plan, Soul Transformation Therapy or Rahanni pricing.

I have always sat on the fence about spirituality and have been known to be quite cynical at times. This all changed when Kelly wrote my soul plan. It was so detailed and accurate that I actually cried! It touched me to read such beautiful words. I found it to be very  therapeutic in the middle of quite a difficult year for me. It gave me strength and a way to channel my own inner thoughts and feelings which are often blocked or confused. I trust Kelly because she is so real and connected to the soul. There is nobody else I would trust or even believe but she is so reassuring and helpful that it can only be a positive thing. I feel that I have loosened up and let go of blockages and perceived obstacles. I feel centred in my life (possibly for the first time) and I am trusting my souls desire which is to create and to love. This is undoubtedly because of Kellys work and I am truly grateful to her. The soul plan is something that every person needs.