The sun doesn’t try to shine, it just shines.

The stars do not try to light up the night sky, they just twinkle.

A flower doesn’t try to blossom, it just blooms.

A lark doesn’t try to sing, it just sings.

We love and accept nature, so why can’t we love and accept our fellow human beings?
Why are we labelled, put into boxes, stereotyped, analysed and judged based on how we look?
Looks really aren’t everything!


Is it because we judge ourselves too harshly?
I am not beautiful enough, clever enough, successful enough, skinny enough, wealthy enough, good enough…
Is it because we grew up in a household where criticism overrode compliments?
You can’t do this, you can’t do that…
Rather than focusing on the positives and the very best, it is easier to focus on weaknesses and the negative?
All judgement is self-judgement, when we judge others; we are recognising something we do not like within ourselves…
Let’s try to act out of love, not out of fear.
We as human beings are not perfect, perfection does not exist – perfection is fantasy.
In the words of Marilyn Monroe “Imperfection is Beauty”.
By judging others, we reject the opportunity to enrich our lives with the diverse beauty that is all around us.
I have a 9 month old son and my dream is for him to grow up in a society where difference is loved, embraced and celebrated.
I want him to know he is everything and more. He doesn’t need to change anything about himself to feel accepted.
Be the real, flawed, beautiful, magical, weird and wonderful person you are and be proud of that!
So many young people feel pressure from society, is this because of images of so called perfection in the media? I feel the more difference we see, the more accepting we are of difference.
I want every young person to grow up knowing its OK to be you.
Uniqueness is a beautiful thing.
Being beautiful is not just about looks.
Beauty is the light in your heart, kindness, being a good friend, being helpful, trying your best or your special talent.
How boring would the world be if every person was the same?
I believe we are all born a certain way for a reason.
I chose this body to be born into. This body is the reason why I am writing this today.
This body is the reason why I am committed to making a difference in the fashion industry. This body is the reason why I am changing the way our world sees beauty.
This body is the reason why I have the privilege of helping other people to be more accepting of their body.
I used to take my own body for granted. I never stopped to think about all the amazing things my body does on a day to day basis.
Being born this way, having one hand was normal. It may not look or seem normal to you, but to me I don’t know any different.

Disabled is not a word I would chose to describe myself, society describes me that way and I accept that.
I am proud of who I am, my body has given me gifts and strengths where if I was born with both hands – I might not have had.
My son will grow up more accepting of others, compassionate, sensitive and empathic – all beautiful qualities that I love in a person.
He’s already one strong, determined little boy – just like his mummy.
I strive to be the best person I can be.
I think about all the possibilities and I welcome any challenges, for they help us to grow and be better, stronger, softer, kinder and wiser.

You may say as a model, it is my job to be judged, even more so as a disabled model.
In a weird way, I want to be judged…
Judge me so I can prove you wrong.
I will change your perceptions.
Challenge the status quo.
I am not your stereotypical model.
I am not your perception of disability.

I want to change the way the world sees disability and beauty.

As human beings, we have (or will) all love, lost and grieved.
Let go of doubts, judgements and just let be.
Recognise the caterpillar and the butterfly in us all – ready to grow, change, transform, spread our wings and fly.